Letters: m a s t
Number: 1-5
Color: green
Shape: circle

Themes: self, moods, family

Activity: Lunch at the park


Letters: t l b n
Number: 1-5
Color: black, orange
Shape: oval

Science: fall, bones, skeletons

Holiday: Halloween Party


Letters: h f e
Number: 5-10
Color: brown, black
Shape: square

Science: 5 senses, magnets

Thanksgiving Feast


Letters: r, d
Number: 5-10
Color: yellow, red
Shape: star

Science: winter, light & shadows, space

Holiday: Christmas Party

Letters: p, o, k
Number: 1-10
Color: white, blue
Shape: rectangle

Science: space, dinosaurs

Activity:  play in the snow

Letters: c, v, g
Number: 10-15
Color: pink, purple
Shape: heart

Science: ocean, healthy body

Holiday: Valentine’s Party


Letters: j, i, w, q
Number: 10-20
Color: rainbows
Shape: Triangle

Science: farm Animals, wild animals, forest Animals

Holiday: St. Patrick’s (Surprise Leprechaun Visitor)
Easter Egg Hunt (March 31st)

Letters: u, x, y, z
Number: 1-20+
Color: review colors
Shape: diamond

Science: spring, plants and seeds,  butterflies

Activity: Field Trip (TBA)

Letters: ALL
Number: 1-20+
Shape: octagon

Science: butterflies
Focus:  Review Fun & Program practice

Activity: Spring Program & Field day

I am so excited for this new year!!  I have been working really hard this summer to make this the best year yet.  I would like to welcome Megan McDougal who will be my assistant for my Pre. K class.  I have so much planned for both the 3 yr. old and Pre K class.  Here are a few notes I would like to share...

First Day-  Aug. 26th
4 yr. old class - Drop your child off @ 12 and pick them up @ 3. :)
3 yr. old class-  Open house for parent and child  9:30-11 

Before school starts...I have a few requests I would like to ask.

Please send a regular backpack or bag with your child everyday.  Small bags are cute but their papers do not fit and will get ruined.  Larger bags are also easier for your child to open and close and put things in.  The bags I gave them for Christmas last year are a good size.  I encourage you to use them.

Please send your child in shoes that are easily put on.  No tie shoes please.  We take our shoes off everyday.
I will be sent my policy and procedure book by e-mail today.  Please read through it.  It will tell you all about my school, how I teach, discipline, how to drop off and pick up your child, snack bucket, and much more.  Call, e-mail, text, or ask me at the open house any questions you may have.