I cannot believe the last week of school is here!!!  I am so proud of all of my little friends.  They have grown so much and we have learned a lot.  We have a busy week this week and I look forward to seeing all of you at the programs tomorrow and at the park on Thursday.

Tuesday, May 24th
3yr. class will have a short program is here at my house at 10:15.  Please be on time or you may miss some of the program.   If you are early you may get to see a little pre-show.
4yr. class will have normal school on Tuesday at 12.  We will play games at centers, practice our program, finish up a project, and yes, there will be some academic learning.   I will see you all at the Kearns Library at 6:30 for our graduation program.
Thursday, May 26th we will meet at Cougar Lane park 6650 S. Cougar Ln. (4800 W.)  not Lodestone Park it is still closed.

I have to say it again… This year has been the best year for me yet!!  Your kids are wonderful and I have deeply enjoyed teaching them.  They all have a little place in my heart.  This summer please read to your children.   While you read to them they learn so much. They learn a lot phonological skills (pre phonics) and much more as you read to them.  Find books that have rhyming in them and play rhyming games with them.  The skills they learn from listening to you read prepare them to read and help them with vocabulary and phonics.  It is proven that children that are read to are better readers in school and learn their alphabet quicker.   Play games and count with your children.  Games help them learn about turn taking, math, logic, and much more.  The 4 yr class knows how to play slapjack and war.  I wish all my 4yr. students the best in Kindergarten.  Please call me if you ever have any questions or concerns about your children.  I will be glad to help.  To my 3yr class, I look forward to another great year next year!!!
Remember…Read to your children often!!!  Research has shown that is the number on factor in how well children do in school.   Your kids are welcome to come here and check out books.  Text me when you want to stop by, and if I am here I’ll let you in.

This coming Thursday, May 4th we will have our class pictures taken.  I know this is short notice.  If you have questions, please call or text me.  I will send a flyer home tomorrow and you can download it from my e-mail.