Dear Parents,
I cannot believe the end of the year is here.  It has flown by.  I have truly enjoyed your children.  They make my day brighter each day I teach them.  Please read this e-mail it will lay out the rest of the school year.
Tuesday, May 16th we will have class pictures taken.  I will put a flyer in your child's bag so you can order some photos.  We will take a class photo as a class then your child will have an individual picture taken too.   Holly is a great photographer and I have always treasured the preschool photos she takes for me each year.  AM class pictures will be taken at the end of class and PM class pictures will be taken at the beginning of class. Here is the Photo flyer link.

May 9th    Ryker
May 11th  Aayush and Emmett
May 16th  Callie & Emma
May 18th  William (real birthday) & Avril
Each year in May we celebrate un-birthdays for all the students with summer birthdays.  You may send small birthday treats, with your child, to share with the class, but it is not required.  Many students have not brought treats for their birthdays this year so please do not feel obligated.  I will make your child feel special he/she will get to be my helper, we will sing to them, and I will give them a small gift.

Tuesday, May 23  Programs

The AM class will have a short program to show you some of the songs we have learned this year at 10:15 a.m.  Please drop your child off at the normal time at 9:00 so we can prepare for the program.  We will start promptly at 10:15 so please arrive on time.  When you arrive please walk into my home and come downstairs we will be waiting for you.  After the program you may take your child home.

The PM class will have regular preschool on this day starting at 11:50 a.m.  We will rehearse for the graduation program and play games together.  The graduation program will be at 6:30 at the Kearns Library at 5350 S. 4200 W.   All family members are invited.

Thursday, May 25th  Field Day

This is our last day.  We will meet at the Cougar Lane Park from 11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.  Bring your lunch and I will provide a treat.  This is a time to let the kids play so the adults can all chat and enjoy one another one last time.  You can also see who your child likes to play with and I can visit with each one of you one on one.

We are currently learning about butterflies in class.  Ask your student about the caterpillars after class tomorrow.  We will release the butterflies at our Field day on the 25th.

I will miss each of your children so much as I begin a new adventure in my life.  Thank you so much for trusting me with your children.  They are all so precious and deserve the best!