Hello Parents,

I can’t believe it is August already.  I have had a wonderful summer!  I hope you have too.  I am getting excited to start preschool.  I miss my little friends. Yea for Preschool!!  I love to learn and I have been learning a lot of evidenced based learning to help your kids.  I am so excited to try out all the new things I have been learning.
 Most all of my communication with you as a group will be through e-mail, text, and my blog.  If you have a question check out my blog.  I post all e-mails and calenders on it.

My policy and procedure packet and forms are on my blog. @ .  A link will be on the right sidebar.  Please make sure you read through it before school starts.  It will tell you how to drop your child off and pick them up so they are safe.  It will also tell you how I run the preschool and many, many other details.  Please print out the forms, fill them out and return them to me by the first day of school.  If you need me to print one for you please let me know.  I will only print them by request this year, but I expect you to understand all the information in them.

A week before school starts your child will receive a post card inviting them to the 1st day of school on August 25th.  Place it on the refrigerator at home and start counting down.  Make it fun and your child will be excited to come to school. 

3yr. old class will bring you to school with them to start the 1st day with an Open House from 9:00-10:30.  Your child can see my house, get to know me, and get more excited to come to school & feel safe with you at their side. Tues. Aug. 30th I will meet you at the door and your child and I will say goodbye to you. 
The 4yr olds will start school on the 25th like any other day.  I will meet you at the door and welcome them in.  Most of them know me, my home, and routines and are ready to start the first day.  If your child has not attended my school before, call me and we will set up an appointment so they can come in and meet me and I can tell them about the preschool and how we do things.  The school hours for the 4 yr. olds will be a little different this year to accommodate sibling pick-ups at Falcon Ridge Elm.  Class will Start at 11:50 and end at 2:50.

As you get your child ready for school please make sure they have shoes they do not have to tie and they can easily get on.  I have them take their shoes off when they arrive and put them on when it is time to go home.  Please have them practice at home if they are not putting their shoes on by themselves yet.  If they need help I will help them, but when they all need help it takes us a long time to get ready to go home.
I will provide your child a new bag to use during the school year so you do not need to get them one.  The bag will have their name on it so it will make it easier for me when I am passing papers out.  I will provide all school supplies for the year too.
If you have any questions please call, text, or e-mail me.
See you all soon,

Michelle Leary